In my Spring semester of 2021, I was tasked to create a logo for a restaurant and then expand that into a brand. Le Fouet is a French breakfast café located in Manhattan, New York, that brings the classic French food to a modern. They offer a mix of classic and new breakfast dishes and pastries, but the crowd favorite is centered around the create-your-own crepes. In French, “le fouet” translates to “the whisk. Le Fouet is dedicated to creating a trendy and comfortable morning to spend your mornings replacing and eating with friends.
The first step to creating this fictional restaurant was to create a logo. Le Fouet’s logo is whimsical and light to reflect not only the welcoming and trendy feel to the restaurant, but also the way that a whisk moves. Following this I was tasked to create a menu, restaurant sign, stationery, and a live wearable.

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